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Arper creates seats, tables and furnishing accessories for general use, at work and at home.
The approach of this company is relationship-oriented, and this translates into a design based on aesthetics and usability; in a global perspective, innovative and personalised in terms of service; in the evaluation of local contexts within the internationalisation strategies; in organisational policies always founded on transparency and the maintenance of a solid and coherent brand identity.

Checkup is a professional and collaborative partner with whom it is possible to develop products combining ideas with the technical skills needed to develop them. The accessibility, reliability and dialogue allow products to be developed that are sure to succeed

Claudio Checchin
R&D Manager


Designed by Checkup in collaboration with Bosa

It was in 1976 when Italo Bosa started his own ceramic production. His pieces – vases, lamps, tableware, furnishing accessories – have been made for over thirty years entirely by hand in the company’s workshop with a strong family background but with an international vision thanks to the collaboration with established designers and emerging talents, and thanks to the synergies developed with important brands in the furniture world

The collaboration with Checkup was a fascinating and constructive experience, where research, professionalism and tenacity in the development of the product allowed us to exhibit at the Salone del Mobile [Furniture Exhibition] in Milan two examples of Sensai furniture (Kinesis by Salvatore Indriolo and Autè by Decoma Design) that create the ideal atmosphere for every environment

Francesca Bosa
Bosa Trade


Clairy is a natural air purifier, wifi connected, that combines technology and nature. It improves and monitors the indoor air quality.
Clairy Inc is the American company born in 2016 from the Italian Startup Laboratori Fabrici. Three friends who share the passion of design and nature: Alessio D’Andrea and Vincenzo Vitiello, the industrial designers and Paolo Ganis, the business man of the group. They created the most amazing natural air purifier that doesn’t need filters! Just a plant and a lot of love.

Checkup srl was the only company with the vision to believe in our product and support us in its creation. The best part of the collaboration was the continuous interaction between the parties in order to create increasingly innovative solutions that appeal to the market

Paolo Ganis


Based on the intuition of the founders and a specific market need, over the years Falmec has turned from a semi-artisan reality to a solid industrial company, thanks to design and innovative products in which technological contents are matched with the finest style. Designed and manufactured entirely in the establishments of Vittorio Veneto, in the Treviso municipality, Falmec cooker hoods represent a “Made in Italy” excellence sold worldwide

We are working with Checkup for years because it is a company with high skill levels, and can be proactive with new ideas and solutions and with a truly collaborative approach in dealing with the customer



A pioneer in introducing the concepts of rapid cooling and high quality storage, over the years Irinox has developed cutting-edge products by proposing revolutionary concepts that have set the standards of the market. Continuous research and advanced technology make Irinox the market leader present in the best kitchens of over 80 countries in the world.

Not just a supplier but a partner who in co-partnership has developed an outstanding electronic solution in technical and economic terms in an innovative product like the Fresco

Eugenio Lo Cullo
Operation Director


Jacuzzi® stands for whirlpool; with more than three hundred original patents, it is today the worldwide leader for hot tubs and spa in the wellness industry. Over the years Jacuzzi ® has incessantly invested in research and development, maintaining its exploration of “well-being” concept applied both to the domestic and professional environment. European headquarters of Jacuzzi Brands Corp., a subsidiary of the private equity fund Apollo Management LP., Jacuzzi Europe SpA operates directly in Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East through the offices of Valvasone (PN) and the subsidiaries Jacuzzi Spa & Bath Ltd (UK) and Jacuzzi France.

Historical collaboration, highlighted by projects and management carried out in collaboration.
Excellent technical staff, known for their continuous innovation and ability to solve problems

Bruno Ornella
Supply Chain Manager


Malvestio has always been involved in development and manufacturing of furniture and equipment for hospitals, clinics and facilities for the elderly. Malvestio, which consists of a group of companies with more than 250 employees in over 20 countries, is the company leader in Italy. Investments, technological research and automation of production processes are expression of Malvestio corporate philosophy, which aims to develop medical furniture that improves the quality of life of patients and operators.

Checkup has been our reference partner for years for developing competitive, reliable products that are always in step with innovation

Marcello Sardena
Technical Manager


Miniforms is a wonderfully bizarre and colourful business.
Occasional tables with pure, simple lines, and quirky, colourful homewares were the company’s original core products.
Over time, the young Miniforms designers have turned their talent to creating products whose playful character merges with an avant-garde style, resulting in the first collections of tables and seating, storage units and a plethora of other wares.
A love of wood is reflected in the company’s environmentalist stance and its environmentally sustainable products. But Miniforms is not all about wood: they forge high-quality products from metal, glass and a host of other materials.

Molteni & C

Molteni & C is a company that blends cutting-edge technology and age-old tradition. Since the ’70s, it has forged its identity based on two guiding principles. First of all, it has pursued a policy of continuous research in the field of modular furniture, from the wardrobe to living room or study/home office.
Molteni furniture combines a longstanding tradition of craftsmanship with innovative hi-tech quality, intended to provide users with extremely useful features. Molteni is recognized as a leader in this field.

We have chosen Checkup for their ability to meet Molteni & C’s requirements, with tailor-made solutions packed with advanced technological features. An important partner in a period where we are seeing furniture undergo a metamorphosis, integrating more and more technological features

Riccardo Paolino
R&D Molteni & C